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Arrangement The A in FASR

There are 6 different arrangements of square dance calls. They are grouped together with 3 groups of 2. They are 0(zero) -1/2, 1-2, 3-4  The 0 (zero) arrangement- Every Boy has a Girl on his right. 1/2 arrangement – Every

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Formations The F in FASR

One of the Key factors in calling square dancing is Formation awareness! This is the F in FASR.  Formations are formed by the geometric shape and the dancers facing direction.  Circles,  infacing lines, outfacing lines, boxes, well you get the

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What is FASR?? Read On and see how it can help your calling! FASR is only used in dealing with symmetric choreography although some of the elements of FASR will be referred to in non-symmetric choreography. The 4 primary state

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